From September I have joined DZHW (German Center for Higher Education Research and Science Studies) as a postdoctoral researcher on Research System and Science Dynamics.

One of my first tasks was to prepare a world-wide view to Higher Education Research and Science Studies (HERSS) field with a specific focus to how Germany has been active in this world!


Here is the link to the dashboard ( and I have copied bellow the summary of data used to prepare it. It is a Flexdashboard develped in R with Rmarkdown. Here is the link to BMBF ministry (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) description of the dashboard.

HERSS Dashboard Summary

This dashboard aims to explore the world of Higher Education Research and Science Studies (HERSS). We aim to provide an overview to the key actors in the field. We have also a focus on the research centers and organizations in Germany and their local and international collaborations.

We queried all the publications in 23 most prominent journals in the field (see journals section for the list). By looking at the cities, country of affiliation, higher education institutes and organizations, we tried to see which countries and organizations occupy the key positions.

We extracted all publications (29,898 ranging from 1971 to 2017) from Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science (From the data infrastructure of the German Competence Centre for Bibliometrics) that are published in one of the 23 main journals in HERSS. The list of these journals were extracted from website of Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) of Germany. Data included articles’ title, keywords, abstract, publication year, authors’ names and affiliations, and number of citations received.

Dashboard sections:

Dynamic version of HERSS dashboard

In the video below a dynamic version of the HERSS dashboard which is developed using Shiny dashboards is presented.

Link to the video: